Bulwark Original Non-Alcoholic Cider


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This Non-Alcoholic Cider is the perfect indulgence without overindulging. It is created using a special fermentation technique to create a super low (0.5%) alcohol cider with no added sugar. This delicious non-alcoholic brew is still made using 5 apple blend of 100% NS Scotian Gold Apples, pressed, fermented, and bottled all on-site in New Ross, NS. This Non-alcoholic cider appearance is exactly like a sparkling white wine with fine effervescent bubbles. On the nose, it has a subtle apple aroma and slight fermentation notes that confirm a slight alcohol content in the cider. On the palate, it is crisp with sweet undertones and a light astringent finish. All in all, it is a well rounded and easy to drink NA cider.


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