Our product specialist Brodie highlights his
10 favourite products of 2022!

*Prices shown on this page are exclusive of bottle deposits.

Don’t get our resident wine expert started on their favourite sparkling, we would need a list of 50!

This sparkling vouvray is wonderfully creamy and rich with notes of almond, honeycomb and green apples.

This one’s for the wine geeks! Austrian Riesling is always hard to find, and excellent quality.

This one is zippy and dry, with tonnes of complex flavour. The weird and wacky creature on the bottle just makes it more of a favourite.

We love Pad Thai and this wine works perfectly as a pairing!

Locally made, delicious and a great price – clearly a favorite rye whiskey.

Check out this “Maritime” Manhattan Cocktail!

Irish Stout, canned on nitro so its like getting a pint at your local Irish pub. Extra creamy and delicious, and one of our favourite brews.

Pair it with a delicious and warming Irish Stew!

Coonawarra is a great spot to get Australian Cabernet from, this full bodied dark fruit flavored wine is a favourite with medium rare steak

A combination of delicious pie flavour, whiskey cream and awesome packaging. Our favourite gift to give this year, and a great producer from the USA.

This one wasn’t made “under the cover of night” where moonshine gets its name though – no laws were broken to get this one!

Signature red wine from Rhone Valley. This is one of those cool stories about wine that make it way more romantic.

The grapes for this wine are helped to ripen by “galette” or pudding stones. Big flat rocks that absorb the sun all day, and keep the vines warm at night.

Triple IPA? Super hoppy AND balanced? Cat with lazer beams?
Yes to all three and yes to our favourite Flying Monkeys Brew. At 10% ABV it’s a BIG beer, and BIG on flavour.

We love this one to share with our craft beer friends. Pair with great conversation and Salt & Vinegar potato chips!

Under appreciated South African star! This amazing little wine is complex and delicious.

Rustenberg is one of our favourite South African producers, and is celebrating 3 generations of winemakers in the family business!

Fantastic gin based ready to drink cocktail from PEI! This one takes no mixing or measuring, just chill & serve.

Ideal when visiting friends and families, this one is our favourite for cocktail hour.