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Harvest wholesale

As the wholesale arm of Nova Scotia`s leading independent wine merchant, we provide unparalleled service to wine savvy restaurants throughout the province.


We place your business at the heart of ours and take pride in our service. With a combined experience of over 100 years in the food and wine trade, our staff are well placed to assist you with wine list development and ongoing support.


We have what it takes

We import over 95% of our wines direct from the cellar door side stepping middlemen such as regional exporters, local importers and agents. By doing so we are able to bring unique wines to Nova Scotia at the best prices available. 

We stock several thousand cases of wine at our duty paid warehouse allowing our restaurant partners to list Harvest's wines with confidence.


We believe in transparency

Our prices are fair and our discounts are real. To help keep a lid on prices we don't have commissioned sales people.

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