Beeriodic Table of Elements - Crisp & Refreshing


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Crisp & Refreshing!

We can see the interaction of light and crisp beer everywhere we look. Take a journey through some of these old and new styles to find a new favourite.

Up Upstreet Commons Pilsner Saaz hops – very traditional – bring in some great bready flavours in a bracing and vibrant brew.
Sy Breton Brewing Seven Years Pale Ale 7 hop additions! Don’t worry, it retains fresh tropical fruits, citrus and a hint of caramel without any bitterness.
Ga Big Spruce Conniption Fit Golden Ale A bright, invigorating light drinking ale. Enjoy the easy drinking style with subtle hop and malt notes.
P Propeller Pilsner Brewed in the classic Czech style, this Pilsener features a distinct noble hop aroma, slight malt sweetness and a punchy, crisp finish.
Ls North Brewing Lawrencetown Surf Session Light in style, big on flavour. Enjoy aromatic notes of citrus and pineapple without having to worry about filling up or a higher alcohol percentage.
L 2 Crows Liesse Cool and interesting, this new take on a centuries old beer style is fun and tasty. Smooth, subtle hops and warm malt notes make this one a must try.
Hd Boxing Rock Hunky Dory Vibrant with floral and aromatic notes, this bold take on the lighter crisp style is a one of a kind pale ale featuring green tea and citrus zest.
T Garrison Tallship A Halifax staple, this iconic craft ale has been keeping Maritimers refreshed for 20 plus years! Enjoy the subtle malt as well as a crisp finish.
Bl Nine Locks Dirty Blonde American style ‘blonde’ Weizen. Subtle hops make way for thirst quenching, light and crisp bready notes. A must for summer!
Tt Good Robot Ten Thousand Pound Pilsner Fun and delicious, this light drinking Pilsner offers easy drinking hop notes and a short, clean finish.
Eb Church Brewing Eight Bells The fruity, spicy and earthy notes of a traditional Belgian pale ale given a zippy hop touch that brings this ale into a contemporary model.
Kp Krombacher Pilsner As traditional as you can find. This German premium lager shows off the best of European Pils – crisp, refreshing and flavourful.


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