Fire Up the Grill BBQ Pack


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Days are longer, sun is shining, grass needs cutting and grills need to be fired up! Get grilling with Summer BBQ pack, everything you need to get something sizzling.

Chill and enjoy some great Cape Breton brew with Big Spruce Tims IPA, a flavorful combo of hops and malt, and very refreshing. Expertly pair that perfectly seared steak with Big Boys Zinfandel, full of rich ripe fruit and intense flavor – ideal to match that grilled red meat! Finally, add flavor to your ‘que with signature Cape Smokey Sauce & ‘Love Rub’ dry rub from Island Sauce Co. To help get you started on the grill, we have included two signature recipes prepared by our Chef to utilize the great Island Sauce Co (locally made!) BBQ product, feel free to claim them as a family secret, or share with all your friends to spread good will & good grill.

Be sure to crack a cold one, pour a glass, and grill away – sharing with company is highly recommended!

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