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Boxed wine tends to be seen as less glamorous and lower quality compared to bottled wine. This just isn't true - boxed wine's reputation is undeserved.

Cardboard-eaux: The Hidden Perks of Boxed Wine! 

Boxed wine's bad rep is undeserved!

Boxed wine (also referred to as bag-in-box, or BIB) has had a bad reputation for a while now! Boxed wine tends to be seen as less glamorous and lower quality compared to bottled wine. This just isn’t true – boxed wine’s reputation is undeserved. Give it a chance, and it might just be your new go-to method of drinking vino!

A Boxed Wine Origin Story

We can thank Australia for this handy BIB innovation! It was created by winemaker Thomas Angove as a solution to bottling large quantities of wine. Local wine consumption was low before this invention, but sales increased due to boxed wine’s convenient format, the bag’s tight seal, and their low breaking risk.  

If that’s not enough to convince you to give boxed wine a try – consider these perks! 

Boxed wine can last for WEEKS after opening!

You read that right, boxed wine stays fresh in the fridge for weeks…plural! The same cannot be said for most bottles of wine, as many experts max it out at one week in the fridge.

Since oxygen cannot get into the wine when using boxed wine, oxidation occurs much slower. We recommend 2-3 weeks for the best flavour, but it can stay in the fridge for up to 6 weeks!  

Boxed wine is great for hosting.

Due to its large format, boxed wine is a great choice for large groups or parties!

The average boxed wine carries about 3 litres of wine (that’s about 4 times the volume of a standard wine bottle!) Some wineries even make boxes that contain up to 16 litres – talk about a big sip.

Chances of wine flaws are lower in boxed wine.

A common wine flaw is cork taint, which can occur due to problems with sanitation, storage and packaging and can result in a musty aroma to the wine. There’s no cork in boxed wine – so no cork taint!

Another common flaw that boxed wine avoids is lightstrike – this occurs when light gets into the wine bottle over time, resulting in dulled flavours. Again, no need to worry about that with an opaque box.

Only the best of wines here! 

The quality of boxed wine has greatly improved over the years.

BIB has a reputation for low-quality wine – but the tides have turned! Not every bottle of wine is of equal quality, and the same can be said for boxed wines.

There are some incredible bottled and boxed wines out there, but there are also some that are not-so incredible. Remember to read the labels and ask a knowledgeable Harvest Sales Associate (or customer service rep if you order online!) to help you find the best choice for you based on your palate and preferences.

Boxed wines are more environmentally friendly.

Carbon emissions for a standard 750ml bottle of wine are double that of a typical 3-litre boxed wine. 

When wine is transported in glass bottles, only half the cargo weight is actual wine, compared to 95% with boxed wine. Packaging bottles in a case results in wasted space, so boxed wine is way more efficient! 

Still on the fence about boxed wine? Browse our selection! Choose from well known and well loved vineyards, and multiple varieties including red, white and rosé. There’s something for everyone, and you never know – boxed wine might be your new go-to!


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